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Coming full circle

Good Morning Foodies! Well, this week will be dedicated to the upcoming Fourth of July holidays. I will be out of pocket for that holiday break. A little story about my dessert. It is called Maw-Maw’s Patriotic One Pan Cake. When you see the pic, you will understand the following. Anyway, I use to tease my mother about the number of stars on the cake and make reference to her age by saying, she was around when there were just the thirteen colonies. That would get me a little knock up on the head. But you see God don’t like ugly! I am teased today, by those saying, yes, you were around when they had 9 planets. Did you know they took away PLUTO, as a planet? You would think they could of removed URANUS-the one you could never remember! I loved PLUTO! I now have a t-shirt that says, “I REMEMBER WHEN THERE WERE NINE PLANETS!” See my mom is reaching from the other side, still hitting me up side the head! By the way, see if you can name all the planets without looking them up. I hope you enjoy the the upcoming holiday that allows us to be and to think INDEPENDENTLY! Enjoy!

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