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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Good Morning Foodies! Yeah, yesterday the ole KALE, starting picking up in popularity. I so enjoyed all the conversation surrounding this great veggie. Keep up the good work! Today–You know the drill—-REPEAT WEDNESDAY! So yesterday, had a nice surprise in my nut bowl! I love the sea salt and black pepper pistachios. I keep a basket near my stove, for a quick snack. I noticed this batch had a thicker coat of the salt and pepper. I think I am going to like this. After eating a handful, I looked closely at basket—OMG!—the pistachios have taken on life. They are moving in the basket. Well, surprise, surprise, surprise—-the nuts are covered with maggots! Ok, see how you feel—JUST IMAGINE HOW I FELT! All I kept thinking about was the movie, ALIEN! Wondering what creatures were going to come out of me and where they were going to come out! So now, I look very closely at anything I put in my mouth! DOES THAT COUNT AS SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day! I am still gargling and brushing my mouth out for the 10th time.!!!!!

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