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Today’s Menu:

Creamy Cauliflower Soup

Fabulous Turkey Breast

Yam Cakes Drizzled with Pepper Jelly

Thank You To All Who Serve, Past, Present and Future!
Thank You To All Who Serve, Past, Present and Future!

Good Morning Foodies! DO YOU THINK THERE IS REHAB FOR OVERDOSING ON CHOCOLATE! Wow, what an amazing adventure! This was the FIRST DEATH BY CHOCOLATE EVENT put on. What a great turnout for a Monday evening. It was packed. I have not seen chocolate used in so many different ways. I so enjoyed my job of judging the CHOCOLATE MARTINIS. I had the pleasure of judging with Mariusz Smolij, the conductor for the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra; Bruce Attinger, owner of Grub Burger Bar; and C.J. Clements, my favorite morning DJ on 99.9-KTDY. We were presented with 8 different martinis. All were outstanding in their own way. It was quite difficult choosing, I can promise you that! I was honored to be a part of such a fun evening. If you want to experience some very unique beverages and food items, along with live and silent auction items, get your ticket next year. You will not be disappointed!
I hope most of you remembered that today is VETERANS’S DAY! This is the official United States holiday that honors people who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. We all know that the number is quickly dwindling for the survivors of World War I & II. I saw on the news the other night that is been 100 years since World War I-amazing—but it is good that we still can focus on the effects of war. I happen to google survivors of WWI, there is one in the United States. His name is FRANK BUCKLES. He is 110 YEARS YOUNG! I have the most respect for all the VETERANS because they are filled with a solemn pride in their unselfish heroism. Stop some time during the day today and think of all the little things you do without even thinking about it—THEN REMEMBER, YOU HAVE THAT FREEDOM TO DO THOSE THINGS BECAUSE OF THESE MILITARY PEOPLE! They deserve our respect and thanks! THANK A VETERAN TODAY! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ITS QUITE HEROES—THE VETERANS!
Have a great day!

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