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Today’s Repeat Menu:

Turkey Broccoli Pasta Parmesan Casserole

Apple Pie Crunchy Bars

Good Morning Foodies! Well, as you can see, plans do change. I was able to return home earlier than expected. SWEET GRAND PEEP, GABRIELLE ALICE, came a little earlier than expected. I think she knew her GRAMMIE had some busy days ahead of her and she was doing her part to give me more time. I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THAT! SHE IS THE MOST PRECIOUS LITTLE BABY! I also want to thank all you FOODIES for the most gracious and kind comments made toward the NEW GRAND PEEP, MY FAMILY AND MY FOOD BLOG! I was very humbled and touched by all the well-wishes! I also want to thank all the friends and family that stepped up and offered to include HUBBY in their THANKSGIVING FESTIVTIES. That was so kind!
I stated that this week will be only REPEAT MENUS because of the time restraint. I hope you don’t mind that. I will be back posting normally December 8th until December 17th, then take a break for Christmas. I will do a short week for NEW YEAR’S EVE. Hopefully come the New Year, I will be back on schedule.
I know everyone is busy this time of year. Take a deep breath and enjoy the view!
Have a great day!

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