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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Good Morning Foodies! As I sit here and listen to Christmas music and ponder what I should write about today as we approach one of the amazing holidays of the year. I know I always watch movies about how some people dread the holidays and the family gatherings. I realize that this can happen, but I am so blessed that I love to be with all my family and friends. Yes, there are a few weird nuts in the family tree, but remember they may think that of you! Somehow, someway, try to meet in the middle, even if it is just for one or two days. You may be surprised of the outcome! My parents would have celebrated their 66th anniversary this Sunday, December 16th and my in-laws, on December 28th, would have been married 73 years. So, along with the Christmas holidays and this special day, it always makes me think of them so much more. The void never seems to go away. The hole in my heart is there, but I always try to fill it with happy memories. This time of the year, if I close my eyes, I can see my mom in the kitchen, doing all the holiday baking and cooking, and my dad outside somewhere, building or cleaning or growing something. This is why I try to cook so much during the holidays, because the divine smells bring tears to my eyes and a big smile to my face at the same time. TIME SPENT WITH FAMILIES AND FRIENDS MAKE THE BEST MEMORIES! Remember the old saying: “IN THIS HOUSE WE TREAT FRIENDS LIKE FAMILY AND FAMILY LIKE FRIENDS!” If you are so blessed to have your parents, grandparents, favorite aunts/uncles, etc., still with you, try to pick their brains about things they did in the past. Yes, they may go off track and blabber about stuff you could care less about, but it will make them feel important. Better than anything, it brings back their favorite memories, of which they probably have not shared with anyone in a long, long, long time. Indulge in this little blessing for them! In this life, we should always try to do the following: FIND THAT SPECIAL LOVE OF YOUR LIFE; BE FRIENDS TO MANY; BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, SHARE GOOD WILL TO ALL! Throwing in two extra holiday recipes today! Have a most wonderful weekend and be safe out there!

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