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Good Morning Foodies! I have been trying very hard to get my “LAG TO CATCH UP WITH MY JET”! I find, the older I get, the harder this becomes. I guess the old clock in me has trouble keeping up with the new digital clock! Slowly but surely, I am recovering! I heard one of my friends say, “IT SURE SEEMS LIKE IT TOOK SEPTEMBER FOREVER TO PASS, BUT OCTOBER IS WHIZZING BY!” Seriously, the holidays are really creeping upon us! I am so grateful my fall decorations last from September through November!

Getting back to the food blog! Typically, here in Opelousas, we would be gearing up for “YAMBILEE FESTIVAL”! That is one of the old things that I hated to see disappear! It was a great family gathering that supported the city. My favorite event was where people would take yams that had weird shapes and make some form of art from them! They were always great! Well, I think Robbie Sebastein, was our last Yambilee King. If that is the way we end it, it is most appropriate! I am hoping that maybe it will arise from the ashes one day! It was such a great support for the farmers and the community!

The menus for the rest of this month I will feature the “GREAT YAM” and some “HALLOWEEN TREATS”!

Have a most wonderful day!

Today’s Menu:

Duck and Andouille Gumbo
Spicy and Sweet Potato Salad



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