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Teacher Appreciation Week!

May 7, 2013:

Good Morning Foodies!  It looks like we are once again having two significant events happening this week and weekend.  This is TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK and this coming weekend is MOTHERS’ DAY!  I believe in reality these two things overlap, because MOTHERS ARE SOME OF THE BEST TEACHERS!  When I was a teacher at the deaf school and special education, I truly enjoyed my job.  To Teach Is To Touch A Life Forever!  I was always reminded that grading papers and lesson planning made you a teacher, but encouraging your room full of students each day makes you an inspiration!  As a mentor/teacher, we were always told to do the following in reaching out and touching our students: “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF—YOU ARE BRAVER THAN YOU BELIEVE—-STRONGER THAN YOU SEEM—-AND SMARTER THAN YOU THINK!”  The other day I saw a sign in a shop that read as follows:  “IF YOU CAN READ THIS SIGN, THANK A TEACHER—IF YOU CAN READ IT IN ENGLISH, THANK YOUR MILITARY!”  I thought that pretty much summed up what our lives are today!  Not so sure there is a set menu to honor Teachers, but plain old PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY, would probably be just good enough!  If you have children—honor their teachers—if you know a teacher, thank them for what they do.   Have a great day!  By the way, you know the warm weather is slowly creeping back—BECAUSE THOSE LOVELY LOVEBUGS ARE HERE!

Today’s Menu:


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