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Good Morning Foodies! Okay, I have to say giving birthday parties today are “WAY DIFFERENT” from the days when my kids had birthday parties. You begin with a photo shoot to select the perfect picture to make the invitation. Gotta have the right clothes for party! Party has to have a theme and once that is set here come: DECORATIONS, CAKE, PARTY FAVORS, ENTERTAINMENT,ETC. Then you have to find out if some kids have food allergies and make sure none of the foods are choking hazards. Not to mention, you have to provide food and beverages for the adults. Even “DADS” come to these parties. WOW!!!!!!! The list goes on and on. Remember when you ate cake and ice cream and played “PIN THE TAIL ON THE DONKEY!” Open the gifts and go home! With that said and done, IT WAS A FABULOUS DAY FOR GRAND PEEP SOPHIA AND HER MOMMIE AND DADDY! WONDERFUL DAY!

So, as I sit here and eat left over birthday cake, (Which by the way is different tiers and layer fillings!), I am looking at this week’s menu. I am going to try and help some of you MOMS AND MR. MOMS with some meals for that back to school time! Remember when I called it “GRIND MEAT” DAY! This is when there is another DEAD ZONE weekend or day. I like to buy ground meat in bulk and in one day I can fix all of the following: CHILI, TACO MEAT, MEAT SAUCE, MEATBALLS, MEATLOAF, SALSIBURY/HAMBURGER STEAKS, MEAT FOR PIZZA. If you plan it right you can do all this and it is not overwhelming. Just remember that the meatballs, meatloaf, hamburger steaks are basically the same recipe. So therefore, you can make all 3 in one shot, they are just different shapes. The others such as chili, meat sauce are just a matter of getting it started and let it simmer on the backburner while you do the other things. I promise you once you get the hang of this it will just flow. Your freezer will be packed with meals for the future on those busy days when there is not time to cook a meal. Basically, these are meals that kids love. Enjoy! Have a great day!


August 12, 2013

Today’s Menu:
Momma’s Best Meat Loaf
Grammie’s Mac and Cheese


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