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Good Morning Foodies! I was so excited yesterday as I ventured out into the shopping world again after being held hostage in my home due to the crazy weather. I just couldn’t wait to get back into the hustle bustle of pushing that buggy. My first stop, FRESH MARKET! As usual, I grabbed the biggest basket; you know the one that even has a vase for your fresh flowers. I am so happy pushing my mega-buggy—then I run into trouble. I got behind a young lady in “SKINNY JEANS”, pushing one of those mini-buggies. You know the ones that only your purse would fit in. You would even have to drag your kid behind it because it is so small. I am thinking who shops with that size buggy. I know it is the same gals that do those commercials for “BABY BEL CHEESE BITES AND SINGLE BITE CHOCOLATE CANDY MORSELS”. Come on you know the ones I am talking about. These gals who do those commercials use up 10 bites to eat that itty-bitty piece of morsel. Heck, in 10 bites I can eat the whole bag. Have no fear, I politely whacked the “SKINNY JEAN GAL” upside the head with my “BEN AND JERRY’S GALLON OF MARDI GRAS FLAVORED ICE CREAM.” Being the nice person that I am, I dragged her body and mini-buggy to the aisle of “WHEAT GRASS, QUINOA, WHOLE WHEAT EVERYTHING, FAT-FREE-GUILT FREE EVERYTHING!” I also dropped all my empty chocolate candy wrappers all around her body. They will think she just overdosed due to not having any good thing in years! I am not a violent person but sometimes you have to knock common sense into people. As Snow White would probably say to me, “YOU SURE ARE GRUMPY!” I would have to say to her, “YES, BECAUSE I AM DEALING WITH DOPEY!” Now, my next big problem to solve, WHY IS IT THAT WITH ALL THIS FREEZING COLD WEATHER, I STILL GET BIT BY MOSQUITOES! These little suckers have winter gear!

Have a great weekend and be safe! Next week we will do honor to that “LOVE HOLIDAY-VALENTINE’S DAY!


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