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Good Morning Foodies! Congrats to ULL for moving on to the Super Regionals. I have decided that my Tigers don’t look good on that APPLETV STREAMING THING! Bah Humbug! Even though the heat will start to kick in, it also means we get those wonderful veggies from our garden, get to eat that nice sweet melon and don’t have to have an excuse to eat ice cream and snow balls. Ah yes, LIFE IS GREAT!
Today’s menu came about when I went to a Farmer’s Market and got some great little potatoes. I love the fingerlings—they are so versatile and good no matter how you prepare them. Really tough to mess them up!!! I have great memories of growing up with my grandfather and my father always having the most wonderful gardens. Of course, as a kid, we hated all those veggies but what I wouldn’t give to have all those rows in my backyard!
The other day had GRAND PEEP, SOPHIA, and brought her down to our garden. I let her pick the tomatoes. SHE LOVES THOSE CHERRY TOMATOES. Of course, she picked everything and anything she saw—by hey, she was having fun.
If you or someone you know is a picky eater, try to get them to at least give a shot at trying something new. If you add great herbs, spices, sauces, you can make paper taste good!
Broaden your horizons—have a great day!
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