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Good Morning Foodies! HUBBY and I survived another BEACH TRIP! I have to say it is a little disturbing that pools have to close because of negligent “PARENTS OR SO-CALLED CARE-TAKERS”! Never in all my years of toting my kids and their friends to the beach, have I seen pools closed for pooping and vomiting! Seriously, who are these people! It sure it is an inconvenience to the guests of these places. As I put my “EAGLE EYE” to these families—I have decided they are very TEMPERMENTAL—-“HALF TEMPER AND HALF MENTAL!”
Ok, so let’s move on and talk about upcoming menus.
As you can see, we are 2 weeks out of the realm of THE FOURTH OF JULY FESTIVITIES! You can always tell it is approaching by the tents going up to sell the fireworks! I saw them from LOUISIANA ALL THE WAY TO THE BEACH!
I want to tell you a little something about today’s dessert. My sweet neighbor, CARLA SCHULTZ, brought this over to me to try. When she told me what was in it, I really thought it sounded fabulous but you probably could only eat one bite because it had to be way to sweet and rich. Well, I am sorry to say, that is not the problem! The problem is that it is SO DARN GOOD, YOU DON’T WANT TO STOP EATING IT!” So don’t overlook this recipe, it will truly amaze and surprise you!
Have a great day!!!!!
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