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Good Morning Foodies! I think most all schools in the area are kicking into gear. All you drivers, eyes on the road and school zones. We tend to get use to zooming through those areas when school is out. ALSO—NO TEXTING OR READING TEXTS OR TRYING TO EMAIL—TAKES ONE SECOND FOR YOU TO LOOK AWAY AND BE SOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY!!!!
This week I will switch gears with the menus and give you a few party ideas for the upcoming football season that is starting to kick in. We already know the SAINTS are playing pre-season and the HIGH SCHOOL JAMBOREES will be starting. These are just some easy recipes for those gangs that might show up at your house and you don’t have to be stuck in the kitchen. One of the dips is from my friend, Peanut Elder. If you know her, you know anything she cooks tastes great. This is a very addictive appetizer—BEWARE!!! I threw in the “HURRICANE” beverage in honor of the BIG EASY AND MY WHO DAT TEAM!
Have a great day!
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