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Good Morning Foodies! I remember when I posted this “NINJA TURTLE SOUP” last year, the responses were over the top. I recall some of the comments were very funny. If any of you out there have never tried “TURTLE SOUP”, you should give it a try. Everyone has their own twist on the recipe but most are pretty consistent!
Today’s gadgets are some that I have seen at Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Target, Bed-Bath-and Beyond. I think you can find these little gems most any place that has a kitchen department. These egg cookers are great for you busy moms trying to get breakfast on the table in the morning. These allow you to have great egg dishes within minutes. The red scoop utensil is for the poached egg. The other two are basically the same except for the shape. One Foodie told me she uses the square shaped one so that it fits the shape of bread when making egg sandwiches. I am always using the round one. I always spray them with PAM, then put a little chopped turkey or ham, baby spinach leaves and then egg beaters or whole egg. Zap it in the microwave for 1 minute or maybe 1 ½ minutes, depending on the amount of egg beater. Sometimes when I remove it from the microwave, open the top and put a little grated cheese, close top and the heat will melt the cheese. You can then top it on an English muffin or toasted bread or just plain. It is so quick, easy and good for you!
These items are very inexpensive and dishwasher safe. Every time I see one, I pick it up because my PEEPS steal mine. I promise you that these gadgets make life a little less hectic on those busy mornings when you are trying to feed everyone a filling breakfast!
Grab a few and you will see how this changes your outlook on preparing BREAKFAST! You will also see yourself using this for maybe a nice lunch/brunch meal.
Have a great day!
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