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Today’s Menu:
The 2-2-2 Crab Dip in a Bread Bowl
Alice’s Pecan Pie Bars 

Todays Gadget: Assorted Size Meatball Scoops

Good Morning Foodies! Here is today’s drill—REPEAT WEDNESDAY AND GADGET DAY!! When you look at Monday’s menu and sees that recipe for cocktail meatballs, you have to think, wow, that is lots of meatballs to roll. I promise you in the 70’s and 80’s, rolling by hand was the only sure method. Yes they had those large bulky meatball scoops. Today, there is such an improvement on this gadget. So if you do lots of meatballs, get these scoops which come in a variety of sizes. THAT IS THE TRUE MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!! SAVES THOSE LITTLE HANDS FROM CONSTANTLY ROLLING! I can still picture my grandmother and mother, rolling all those meatballs—but miss seeing that! Have a great day!

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