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Today’s Gadget: THE UTENSIL POT CLIP! 
Good Morning Foodies! Today’s REPEAT WEDNESDAY is another one of those to use up the last of the summer veggie crop. I think the crazy cool fronts that came through this summer has extended the life span of all the veggies I planted. NO COMPLAINTS HERE! I love those CREOLE TOMATOES! I guess I need to get use to eating the WAXY TOMATOES again, phew!!!!
Today’s gadget from E’s Kitchen is “THE FIRST OF ITS KIND-UTENSIL POT CLIP. The clip attaches directly to the pot or pan edge and holds utensil in place while cooking, allowing residue to drip into the pot rather than onto the stove or countertop. The flexible opening is designed to fit all too handle shapes. Silicone and stainless steel materials are high heat resistant.
Some of the other features are:
1-Stay-cool silicone is heat resistant to 482 degrees.
2-Silicone pads attach firmly without scratching pot or tools.
3-Durable stainless-steel construction.
4-Dishwasher safe.
A must have kitchen accessory for any cook. Give yourself the gift of no more dirty and cluttered countertops.
I have a little extra surprise for you today. At a gathering last weekend, I met this most darling young lady, HOLLY BERTRAND! She is from Eunice, LA and married to KIP BERTRAND and have the cutest kids. She and I started talking about FACEBOOK and it took off from there. You can look for her on FACEBOOK. Search for HOLLY’S HOBBIES BY HOLLY BERTRAND! She has some very creative ideas that make fantastic and personalized gifts for kids, teens, teachers, moms, grandmothers, aunts and friends—the list goes on. She has some very creative monogrammed items such as duffle bags, umbrellas, table runners, tree skirts, beach bags, ball caps, hats, clothing, scarves and many more. Be sure to check out her site and look at her photo album, I think you will find so many monogrammed items that you will just love!
Have a great day!
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