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Today’s Gadget from E’s Kitchen:
Good Morning Foodies! You will see in today’s menu, there are some of those fabulous summer veggies, like Mirliton, Beets, etc. I love to experiment with new ideas for what to add to veggies or even stuff them with. If you ever think you just can’t eat a certain veggie, try putting it with something you really like. This way you slowly incorporate the veggie into your taste buds. I have grown to love Brussel Sprouts, Beets, and Kale, just to name a few.
Today’s gadget from E’s Kitchen in Lafayette, LA is the MASTRAD ELECTRIC PEPPER GRINDER. This is one kitchen gadget that I truly love to use on special dishes or when you are serving dinner guests—NICE WAY TO IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS WITH SUCH LITTLE EFFORT!!!
The Electric Pepper Grinder is a durable ceramic mechanism that will easily grind peppercorns, sea salt and other spices. It seasons accurately with adjustable grind. There is a built in light for clever and precise seasoning. SO GET GRINDING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a most wonderful day!
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