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Gadgets from Sharper Image Are:
Automatic Grill Cleaning BBQ Robot and the Stainless Steel Steam Cleaning Brush!
Today’s Gadget from E’s Kitchen in Lafayette, LA is the LED GRILL LIGHT!
Good Morning Foodies: Today’s recipes are great to impress your family, friends or guests. Simple, simple, simple but very elegant!
Today’s gadgets are some great ones for the men when they want to gather around those BBQ pits. The first one from E’s Kitchen in Lafayette, LA is the GRILL LIGHT. With this gadget, you light up your gas or charcoal grill with a LED grill light to enjoy barbequing at night. It has 5 powerful LEDs that provide ample amount of light while you whip up your favorite grilled delicacies. The charcoal grill light has a sturdy plastic construction and is weather resistant. It attaches conveniently to the handle of the grill lid. Works with a 3 (AA) battery. NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED!!!!!!!!!!
The other two gadgets were featured by SHARPER IMAGE. One is an AUTOMATIC GRILL CLEANING BBQ ROBOT. Relax….it cleans your charred grill for you. Simply push the button and walk away. It shuts off automatically when grill is clean.
The second one is the STAINLESS STEEL STEAM CLEANING GRILL BRUSH. This handy gadget cleans the hot grills with the power of steam. It has a sturdy grill brush with steel bristles. No electricity needed-just add water. I think HUBBY would like all of these gadgets. Check them out! Have a great day!
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