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Today’s Repeat Wednesday Menu:

Red Pepper Jelly Glazed Ham

Sausage Stuffed Acorn Squash

Classic Pumpkin Pie

Today’s Gadget: The Fleur de Lis Waffle Maker

Good Morning Foodies! One week from today, our new GRAND PEEP, will be here! We are so excited. Then the next day is THANKSGIVING. I think this will be the first time in all my life that I will not be cooking for THANKSGIVING! I figure we will make it up somewhere down the line! I think the new GRAND PEEP outweighs cooking a TURKEY!
Today’s gadget from E’s Kitchen in Lafayette, LA is the ELEGANT FLEUR DE LIS WAFFLE MAKER.
How neat is this gadget! The WAFFLE MAKER is stainless steel in design. It has a non-stick grid for easy clean up and easy to store.
Be creative and use your favorite waffle batter recipe. Let’s just hope the SAINTS CAN WIN AND THEN WE CAN USE THIS GREAT GADGET TO CELEBRATE A VICTORY!
Have a great day!


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