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Today’s Menu: Repeat Wednesday!

Alice’s Sausage, Spinach and Bean Dip

Beer and Cheddar Soup

Todays Gadget: Trudeau Stress Less Pepper Mill

Good Morning Foodies! Today’s REPEAT WEDNESDAY’S MENU is one that is great this time of year. Easy and fabulous when watching sporting events on TV or just have family and friends over. The SAUSAGE, SPINACH BEAN DIP is always a hit, as well as the BEER AND CHEDDAR SOUP! Give it a try.
The gadget from E’s Kitchen in Lafayette, LA is THE TRUDEAU STRESS LESS PEPPER MILL.
The Trudeau easy grind pepper mill is one of many STRESS LESS products available designed for ease of use. STRESS LESS technologies has come up with several pepper mills along with other kitchen products that require little to no effort. This PEPPER MILL is perfect for someone with arthritis due to its four to one ear system that makes grinding smooth and simple. These unique PEPPER MILLS produce a maximum output with minimum effort. The TRUDEAU 0716023 EASY GRIND PEPPER MILL also has a funnel shaped head making it easy to refill. This mill is a no mess stress product that includes a lifetime warranty.
I don’t know about you but as I age I like the idea that someone is thinking of us older generation when it comes to cooking. I saw my grandmother and mother stop using gadgets, etc. because they were too bulky or heavy or too large. GOOD PLANNING ON SOMEONE IN THAT COMPANY!
Have a great day!

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