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Today’s Menu-Repeat Wednesday!

Scary Apple Peanut Butter Mouths

Smothered Round Steak with Yams

Luscious Lava Flow

Today’s Gadget: Silicone Suction Lid and Food Cover!

Good Morning Foodies! Today’s repeat menu is one of those fun and delicious ideas for HALLOWEEN! Easy to prepare so you are not stuck in the kitchen while all the fun is going on elsewhere.
Today’s GADGET FROM E’S KITCHEN IN LAFAYETTE IS THE CHARLES VIANCIN SILICONE SUCTION LID AND FOOD SERVER. This gadget seals tight on all smooth rims whether it is stainless steel, glass, plastic or melamine. The lid/food server prevents spills. The HIBISCUS LID, creates an airtight, watertight seal for reheating and storing. Saves your battles with the “PLASTIC WRAP”. It can be reused and reused. It is FDA Food Grade Silicone and dishwasher safe. It also comes in various colors.
I think I like this gadget!
Paul Ayo, the owner of E’s Kitchen, also wanted me to pass on to you a special he is having on the Six Inch Chef Knife. This is the most essential of all knives used in the kitchen. It is great for slicing, mincing and dicing all kinds of foods. This knife regularly sells for $100 but is on special for you FOODIES-$60. I promise you, a grand knife is an essential in a kitchen. Once you have had a great knife you will wonder how you managed without one. As I said before, but one knife at a time to fit your needs. You will not be disappointed!
Have a great day!


PS:  So proud of Peep making school snack for Grand Peep’s classmates! She also sent the pic of the eyes u can buy for all those items u make that require eyes! Time saver for sure!

Halloween Treats for Class
Halloween Treats for Class

Halloween treats


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