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Today’s Menu: (Repeat Wednesday)Teriyaki Beef and Sweet Peppers

Brown Rice Primavera

Today’s Gadget –  PETITE PIE MAKER !!
Good Morning Foodies! When I was thinking about the gadget to use today, I was thinking about what is going on this time of the year. I was talking to one of my FOODIES the other day and she commented about some of her fruit that she grew and had canned. She was talking about some of the things she likes to do with her canned items. I saw this gadget the other day and thought this would be great for you FOODIES out there who have some nice canned fruit items. My sweet neighbor, CARLA SCHULTZ, must have been reading my mind. She brought over a nice jar of her fresh peach preserves. NOW IF I CAN JUST GET HER TO BAKE A FRESH BASKET OF NICE BISCUITS TO GO WITH THAT—MY DAY WOULD BE STARTING OFF WITH A BANG!
It is the “PETITE PIE MAKER”. I also saw this item in a catalog. The website is:
This gadget allows you to make 4 individual mini pies all at once. The PIE MAKER has a non-stick, easy release plates. There is crimping of the edges to seal and bake. It also includes a pie cutter and recipes. This catalog had it for around $100.00 but had a special on and it was selling for $75.00. I think this would be a great thing to have with the holiday cooking quickly approaching. Check it out!
Have a great day!
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