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Repeat Wednesday and Today’s Gadget – KUHN RIKON AUTO SAFETY LID LIFTER!!!

Good Morning Foodies! You know the drill, enjoy the repeat menu! Today is also gadget day! The Gadget Today is the KUHN RIKON AUTO SAFETY LID LIFTER!!! I wonder if I can use this on my eye lids. With this device, you can open a can and never, ever touch the lid. Place the opener on the can and begin turning the comfortable knob. The tool automatically locks in place. The tool cuts from the side leaving a rim smooth, not sharp or jagged. The tiny, strong jaws on the side of the opener remove the lid. Press down on the white button to close the jaws on the lid and when you are ready to drop the lid into the recycling container, just release the button. FYI, E’s Kitchen has moved to a new location. They are in the same area just moved to the front of the building complex. I also see they started serving lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Several menus were posted on their site. Their items looked quite interesting not to mention delicious! Check it out! Birthday wishes out to my handsome nephew, John Bienvenu! He with his brother-in-law, own and run the famous, “RUSTED ROOSTER” restaurant in Lafayette. You get a deal here—YOU CAN EAT GREAT FOOD AND LOOK AT TWO VERY HANDSOME YOUNG MEN! Okay, I am old but not dead!

Have a great day!


Repeat Wednesday Menu!

Easy Empanadas
Ghost in the Graveyard



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