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Cam’s Party Punch and Frozen Fruit

It’s Carnival Time Cookies

Today’s Gadget from E’s Kitchen in Lafayette, LA is “THE WINE GLOVE”!


Good Morning Foodies! Today’s menu are some cute ideas to add to your Mardi Gras Table. People will love it!

Today’s gadget from E’s Kitchen in Lafayette is THE WINE GLOVE.

The WINE GLOVE comes with a re-freezable cooling gel pack. The amazing features are:

1-It fits around a wine bottle.

2-You insert your hand through the strap for easy handling and pouring.

3-The “KEEP COOL” material with a re-freezable cooling gel pack allows your wine to stay at a consistent temperature.

4-It includes a BONUS WINE BOTTLE OPENER which stores inside its attached pouch.

Truly amazing item! I am so glad that someone out there is always trying to invent the wheel and make “WINE CONSUMPTION” a great task, but easier. LOOKS LIKE GOD LOVES US WINE PEOPLE!

Enjoy your day!

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