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Today’s Menu:

 Marinated Cheese

Mini Crawfish Pies


Good Morning Foodies! On today’s menu, the recipe for MARINATED CHEESE, is one of the most popular. This recipe was used quite a bit in the eighties. It looks like it has made a dramatic comeback. I love it and is so easy and has great eye-appeal. It is also something you can make almost a week in advance.

Today’s gadget is called the SQUARE EGG—go figure! You can create hard boiled, soft boiled or scrambled egg in the microwave in less than a minute with MASTRADS EGG COOKERS. They are available in green or red. The cookers have 2 shapes to create either hemispherical or cube shaped eggs. After cooked, you simply turn your eggs out onto a plate and or enjoy straight from the cooker. I can see this being a must for you busy parents out there who try to get a good breakfast into those energy filled kids. I love mine!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wouldn’t it be great if you could cook all food items for any meal that quick and efficiently!

Looks like we are in for another round of crazy weather—70’s back down to the 30’s. I guess sunblock helps both sunburn and frostbite! Bundle up, I don’t think OLD MAN WINTER IS DONE WITH US YET! MY YARD IS PRETTY MUCH DONE IN!!! Poor little ground hog—he is getting all the blame!!!!

Have a great day!

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