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Today’s Menu:

Crispy Oyster Spinach Salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette

 Tart Lemon Cheese Cake


Good Morning Foodies! Today is ST. JOSEPH’S DAY! If you get a chance to visit an altar, by all means try and go. You will not be disappointed! OUR LADY OF MERCY CHURCH in Opelousas always has one. The two pictures on the site today are of St. Joseph Altars. As you can see the scale of size can vary. The smaller one is in Leonville, LA and the largest one in the state is in Gretna, LA. I put the link to the one in Gretna if you want to read up on it. I promise you the people who put this on are truly dedicated to the cause of ST. JOSEPH!

Today’s Gadget is “THE MASTRAD SILICONE FOOD TIE”! The food ties quickly tie up meats, vegetables, bouquet garni or just about anything for cooking.

These silicone ties replace the traditional cooking string. They are reusable and add a touch of color to your presentation. The largest ties (22”) can be used for roast meats, fish or asparagus.

The smallest ties (9.25”) are perfect for bundles of vegetables, chicken rolls, and bouquet garni.

These ties are slide and extend and adapt to most any size. Quite impressive! I think they can also be used as accents to hair in that it can hold pig and pony tails in place! Have a great day!

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