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Repeat Wednesday!

Today’s Menu:

 Alice’s Overnight Pork Roast

 Pickled Black-Eyed Pea Salad

 Black-Eyed Peas with Sausage Over Rice

 Maw-Maw’s Cabbage Rolls

Good Morning Foodies! The book signing last night at Andrepont Printing was a great success. Within the two hour period they sold over 200 books. “IMAGES OF AMERICA-ST. LANDRY PARISH” books are going to be available at Andrepont’s, Morrow, Morrow, Ryan and Bassett Law Firm, local business around Opelousas and surrounding areas. I was told they were at Barnes and Noble yesterday but sold out. I know they were excited to hear that. The most amazing thing about last night for me was to see that older generation come in and you could see the expressions on their faces as they reflected on the photos and stories. As I was standing with Mrs. Ida Boudreaux and Mrs. Betty Wolfe, I was just blown away listening to them tell stores. I absolutely love that. I would love to pick their brains about stories that went with some of those historical photos. There is nothing better than hearing it from the horse’s mouth, as we say! So, if you missed the event, you can still get the books. They make great gifts for those hard-to-get people, if you know what I mean. I saw people buying books to send as far away as Denmark, Germany, and Canada. What a nice tribute to this area! Today’s menu is my all-time favorite for New Year’s. It is all basically very easy and things you can make ahead of time and freeze until ready to use. Great, great recipes. I am not posting a gadget today. I figure today is a day where no one is thinking about gadgets. Time to take a breath and reflect on the reason for this wonderful holiday. The following words were in my grandmother’s kitchen and I can still see it and I remember it always. “JOYFUL MOMENTS-PRAISE GOD; TRYING MOMENTS-SEEK GOD; STILL MOMENTS- WORSHIP GOD; HURTFUL MOMENTS-TRUST GOD; BUT EACH MOMENT YOU HAVE-THANK GOD! Enjoy your day—7 days and counting!

Book Signing
Book Signing
Book Signing
Book Signing
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