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Good Morning Foodies! Wow, what a whirlwind adventure! Trying to get back to normal time and schedule—NOT AS EASY AS I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE! IT SEEMS MY “LAG” HAS NOT CAUGHT UP WITH MY “JET”—ONCE AGAIN!!!!
As I sit down and look at my calendar and I see two very big things coming up: BACK TO SCHOOL AND SAINTS “WHO DAT” ARE PLAYING SOME FOOTBALL! GEEZZZZ-ARE YOU READY FOR THIS!
The menus for this week are geared toward helping you parents get those kids back to school and have a nice meal at night without too much effort. We all know how hectic getting back to normal time schedule can be for the kids and parents. I think it is very important that you take the time to sit down to a meal as a family at the end of a busy day and have some conversation. It is good to ask, “WHAT KIND OF DAY DID YOU HAVE? WHAT MADE YOU LAUGH OR HAPPY TODAY? WHAT MADE YOU FROWN OR SAD TODAY? WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO?” There are so many things that can be learned from such a simple little gathering.
We all know that when our routines get messed with, it can upset the old apple cart. You might not think it is a big deal if your child is changing schools, meeting new classmates or it could be you going to a new job, new home, etc. All these little things can determine what type of day you are going to have. So take time, share, be patient, smile, give hugs and encouragement and this should make the boat rock a little less!
Have a great day!
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