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Good Morning Foodies! I don’t know about you but that is what I call a “WHIRLWIND OF A WEEKEND”! I think I prefer LABOR DAY to fall on the first full weekend of September. Nevertheless, it is over and gone. I hope you all enjoyed the vast number of football games and other activities that were in your area. I realized while we were in Houston, this area got smothered in rain. I have not heard what it did to the ZYDECO FESTIVITIES. RAIN IS NOT A FRIEND TO THAT FESTIVAL! My TIGERS just about did me in. It was hard to find places to hide so I didn’t have to watch the game. For those of you who don’t know me quite so well—I HAVE THE MOST DIFFICULT TIME WATCHING THE TIGERS PLAY. If possible, I walk around, sit in my car, go in a closet, you name it—if I CAN HIDE I WILL! You can see my problem when I am at the game in person. I did manage to find a little nook but I could tell from the reaction of the crowd, pretty much what was happening. I AM JUST GLAD SOMEONE WOKE THAT TIGER UP AND MADE IT ANGRY! I hope your favorite team won this past weekend. I just love this time of year. Don’t know about you, but I always feel like it is always “PARTY TIME”! I relish having friends over to watch whatever game is on. Did some of you notice that it is also the opening of hunting season is soon approaching! HUBBY has cleaned out the hunting closet and getting all his gear lined up. I just take a deep breath because this last pretty much through January/February! I try to focus on the great ducks, geese and the famous venison sausage! This is what we call give and take.
Since I am a day short this week of posting and not sure if many of you FOODIES are around, I am just doing “REPEAT MENUS” for today and tomorrow. I will get back to normal next Monday, September 8th.
Have a great day!
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