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Today’s Menu:

 Eggplant-Crawfish Pirogue

Garlicky Grilled Broccoli

Good Morning Foodies! The other day, I happen to stop by Lowe’s to get some new hoses and they had all the beautiful flowering bushes, shrubs, plants and all the garden veggies and herbs were waving their tempting leaves at me. I just cannot resist them. I did buy a few things but we were still having that cold weather. So I have them bundled up in a nice safe place. I do think now I can put them out. As you recall from last year, I do all my veggie and herb plants in pots and old golf ball baskets. They work for me because I can move them around as needed. Don’t be afraid to venture outside the realm of plain old tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers. Try some of the new varieties of the old plants and new things in veggies and herbs you may never tried. Herbs add such wonderful zing to your dishes! My grandfather, who was a big tomato farmer, use to always say, “KNOWLEDGE IS KNOWING A TOMATO IS A FRUIT AND WISDOM IS NOT PUTTING IT IN A FRUIT SALAD!” We would get a big kick out of that saying. His loving wife, my grandmother, would say, “PLANT SMILES! GROW LAUGHTER! HARVEST LOVE!” How I do miss those crazy sayings that surrounded me growing up. I am sure you all have some of your favorites. You should pass them on to your younger generation! Have a great day!

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