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Good Morning Foodies! Well, as you can see, SUMMER is just moving along quite swiftly. Soon, it will be just 6 months until CHRISTMAS—YIKES! I was told that HOBBY LOBBY already has CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS UP!!! WHAT A WORLD WE LIVE IN!!!!!! HURRY UP AND GET THERE, TOO FAST, AND FORGETTING TO LOOK AT THE PRESENT MOMENT!
This week I will be focusing on menus for the upcoming FOURTH OF JULY! I tried to consider all the fresh veggies and fruits that are coming in quite readily about now.
I want you to take special notice of today’s COLE SLAW. Jimmy and Cindy Zito of Baton Rouge gave me this recipe. This couple are old college friends. Jimmy is an attorney in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and also owner of the famous “DRUSILLA’S RESTAURANT” in Baton Rouge.
This cole slaw recipe is so unique and so delicious. Every time I invite them to spend the weekend with us, I have them bring it. They are always too kind in leaving me extra. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed! It is a nice change up from the regular old cole slaw.
Have a great day!

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