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Good Morning Foodies! Tomorrow is the big day for HUBBY AND ME! “46” FUNFILLED, INSPIRING, LOVING YEARS! I have decided as the years go by it is good to have a “BUDDY SYSTEM” in the anniversary department. When the Dohertys and us started celebrating together (mind you it doesn’t take much for us to celebrate anything), it was a sure bet that all four of us remembered. As I reflect on the odds of that today, I can easily say the chances of all 4 of us remembering has probably dropped. I figure we are still good for a few years for at least one of us to remember. At last, then I remembered, between the Dohertys and us, we have 6 grown children with spouses and a grand total of “16” GRAND PEEPS! Surely, one of them will remember the date and tell us! Ah yes, “YOUTH”! Today’s menu is my all-time favorite when it comes to fantastic, easy and impressive meals. It is top-notch when it comes to presentation but really simple and quick to do. If you want to impress your better half or guests, give it a try. Have a great day!

Today’s Menu:

Alice’s Steak Diane
Green Pea and Bacon Risotto
Bananas Foster
French “75”


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