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Moving forward with Geaux Ask Alice

Thanks so much for keeping up with me as I switch to this new site of Geaux Ask Alice. I really appreciate your support. Just wanted to let you know that this site will always deal with simple meals. I do not believe in spending all day doing one recipe or a whole meal. I will show you how to make use of leftovers that your family won’t even know you used them. Just remember to always make a little extra for this. If you make just enough and end up with a little left over, this usually gets thrown out. Do not be afraid to use short cuts like the steamers for veggies. These are wonderful. REMEMBER YOU EAT WITH YOUR EYES FIRST! THEN THE AROMA HITS YOUR SENSES! THEN YOUR MOUTH GETS TO ENJOY! Kitchen will be closed tomorrow but will post Tuesday evening for your lenten meal on Ash Wednesday! Happy Mardi Gras!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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