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Monday, January 14, 2013

Good Morning Foodies! Well, it seems like ages since I have posted. Hope you all greeted the New Year with great spirit. Let’s hope that 2013—brings blessings to everyone! Going to be positive! I thought today, I would post another soup. Since there is so much crud going around, I thought , you could use another heart-warming, belly-filling meal. This Chicken Noodle Soup always makes me feel better. So, how are those NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS working out. You know, all that resolutions do, are set you up for failure! The only people who benefit from those crazy ideals are GYMS, HEALTH CLUBS, WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS, EXERCISE EQUIPMENT STORES, ETC. When you think about promising to do something for a year or the rest of your life, it completely turns your world upside down. See, the nice thing about LENT, it is for a short period of time and you fear the FIRES OF HELL. I try to choose something that is attainable and makes me realize that if I don’t accomplish it, I am not a total failure. Sometimes just focusing on helping someone else, is better than trying to get in those skinny jeans! Another thought, would be to make new friends or renew old friendships. Just remember, being a friend takes action. It is like a job! You have to work at it. It seems strange, that something that is so worthwhile, just doesn’t happen. YOU HAVE TO WORK AT IT! I love the saying, “YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY FRIENDS!” Just remember, expressing kindness, will generally bring kindness into your life! So, getting back to the cooking lesson for today! When it comes to my cooking, I look at it this way: GOD MUST OF LOVED CALORIES—HE WELL MADE SO MANY OF THEM! So, try not to beat yourself up, if those resolutions, have gone by the wayside. I always keep this little saying by my desk: “NOBODY CAN GO BACK AND START A NEW BEGINNING—BUT ANYONE CAN START TODAY AND MAKE A NEW ENDING!” Every morning—start a new day!

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