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May 21, 2013:
Good Morning Foodies!  As the weekend approaches, we must take time to remember who have died serving our country.  It is a great time to honor our veterans and famous Americans.  Take time to honor the flag as well.  We all take our freedoms for granted.  Sometimes, it is the threat or the idea that our freedoms will be challenged, do we then, take notice of how lucky we are to be AMERICANS!   REMEMBER, WE ARE THE HOME OF THE FREE—BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE!  I am one of the first to say, I get so wrapped up in the holiday and only think about the cooking aspect of it.  Seldom, do I stop and think of why we are really doing this gathering.  I think since 9/11, we all tend to do a little better and stop and pay homage to those who help make our lives as normal, as normal can be, in these times. Today’s menu is one that I usually do when I have a large gathering and don’t want to spend all the time in the kitchen.  Just putting out the food and let the masses gather as they like—MAKES MY LIFE SO MUCH EASIER!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your day!
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