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Good Morning Foodies! Today, I would like to talk about how you define a friend or friends! A few weeks back when I had some of THE GRAND PEEP GIRLIES, I was asked the most unusual question. I think they heard me discussing my friends in various conversations. Here was the question posed to me, “Grammie, how do you know someone will be a good friend and be your friend throughout your life?” To be honest with you, I never really thought about the process of acquiring a life-long friend/friends! I realized that these GRAND PEEPS were heading back to school within a few days and wanted to be sure I came up with a SMART GRAMMIE ANSWER! We all know how stressful those first days back to school can be. The cliques start to form and bam, it is set for the year! Sometimes good and sometimes bad! I sat them down and told them that the word FRIEND comes with many adjectives! You can have FAMILY FRIENDS, MUTUAL FRIENDS, CASUAL FRIENDS, BUSINESS FRIENDS, TENNIS FRIENDS, BRIDGE FRIENDS, GOLFING FRIENDS, BOOK CLUB FRIENDS, FACEBOOK FRIENDS AND WE ALL HAVE OUR “HIGH-MAINTENANCE FRIENDS!” Don’t roll your eyes, at the last one—YOU ALL KNOW YOU HAVE ONE and yes, we need them in our lives! I think the above group of friends are pretty manageable due to the activity or the group that it involves. Selecting a BEST FRIEND—requires a little more thought and energy. I think one of the funniest stories about friendship goes like this, “If you are in jail, a friend will come bail you out! But a best friend will sit beside you and say, “GEEZZZ THAT WAS A HOOT!” To sort of bring this all together, this was my final thought to my GRAND PEEPS, on how you know you have a best friend—-IT DOESN’T MATTER WHEN THE LAST TIME YOU SAW THAT PERSON OR TALKED TO THAT PERSON BUT WHEN YOU PICK UP THE PHONE, OR MEET THEM SOMEWHERE, THE CONVERSATION PICKS UP RIGHT WHERE YOU LEFT OFF!” It is like time has not lapsed since your last meeting. It is a comfortable and safe feeling. In my heart, this person is to BE KIND, BE FAIR, BE HONEST, BE TRUE AND THEN THESE QUALITIES COME BACK TO YOU! You trust, believe in and love this person with your whole heart and soul. It is a bond that is so strong that even the little disagreements you may have will not break that FRIENDSHIP! This is where you say those words, “IT IS NOT THE QUANTITY OF FRIENDS YOU MAY HAVE BUT THE QUALITY OF FRIENDS THAT MATTER MOST!” My hope for you today is that you have a BEST FRIEND that you can always count on. If you haven’t talked to that FRIEND recently, JUST DO IT! REMEMBER FRIENDSHIP ISN’T A BIG THING, IT IS A MILLION LITTLE THINGS! Have a great day and wonderful weekend! Watch out for those kiddies going back to school in your area! Be safe!


August 8, 2013

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