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June 25, 2013:

Good Morning Foodies! Ok, update for my lovely foot—Doctor was not in, he had emergency surgeries. The staff took the necessary x-rays. Nothing was broken but looks like I gave the ligaments a good stretch and tear. I am to have the foot immobile for 3 weeks. Yikes! I guess it could be worse. It could be my right foot and hinder me from driving. He does not want me to flex or point my foot. I guess that means I will not be cooking in my STILETTOS! So let us just move on. I know we complain about the humidity, but I promise you the humidity is a life safer, when the temperatures exceed 110, like they did in Scottsdale. Only the, ROADRUNNER AND WILEY COYOTE, can really appreciate that desert heat. The one thing that was satisfying to know: HEAT makes things EXPAND. So, I really don’t have a WEIGHT PROBLEM! I AM JUST HOT!!!!!!!!! Now, I can tell you, they love to put those WATER MISTERS at all the shopping malls, hotels and restaurants. It is like going through a car wash, without your car! I also think some of these natives think if you don’t sweat because of the lack of humidity, you have no body odor. My take on that is, “COMMON SENSE IS LIKE DEODORANT! The people who need it most never use it.” I do love Scottsdale, believe it or not, just a little nicer in the fall and spring. Today’s menu will feature some ideas you may want for the upcoming July 4th holidays! Enjoy!

Today’s Menu:

Micro-Waved BBQ Shrimp
Salsa Verde Potato Salad with Fresh Green Beans


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