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Today’s Menu:

Creamy Bacon Potato Chowder

Crunchy Broccoli Cole Slaw

Good Morning Foodies: We are now officially shut down for football season. I hope you enjoyed the SUPER BOWL GAME! I was glad I was in my balmy temperature and not having to sit in that cold stadium. I was pulling for the DENVER BRONCOS—no particular reason other than Peyton Manning! Not impressed with the game. I don’t think I have ever watched a game that was so lopsided. Yikes! I hope your team won!

February is the month that seems to open the flood gates to upcoming festivities! We have VALENTINE’S DAY, big time opening of the gates for MARDI GRAS, then we know we have the LENTEN SEASON (which we all need for cleansing), then bam—EASTER IS HERE! It is in full force from this day forward. Let us also remember the WINTER OLYMPICS start this week. I am hoping that all goes well. Too many lives and countries involved in this to be tragic! Prayers for all those athletes and their families and also the tourists.

So we will start this month off as the “BIG HEART MONTH”. Just wondering how the exercise programs are going for all you FOODIES! Like one of my FOODIES, told me, “CHEWING IS HER BEST EXERCISE!” Okay, we all need to put a little more effort out there to keep that old heart pumping away. Remember, “IT IS HARD TO MAKE A COMEBACK WHEN YOU HAVEN’T BEEN ANYWHERE!” Get out there, take care of that heart because there is plenty of love out there to help fill it up! This month the menus will be geared toward easy, as usual, but making use of those winter time foods! Have a great day!

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