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Have a grateful day! – Repeat Wednesday

Good Morning Foodies! Today is Repeat Wednesday and the day I usually post gadgets from E’s Kitchen. I am still having trouble with my computer and CHARTER has promised to come today between 8-5. Imagine that! I am having trouble uploading pics, etc. So hang in there I am doing the best I can against a machine that is obviously smarter than I am. In closing today, I want to say, “GOD GIVES YOU A GIFT OF 86,400 SECONDS EVERYDAY! DO YOU USE ONE JUST TO SAY, “THANK YOU”! TODAY, I THINK GOD WOULD BE OKAY WITH YOU TAKING A FEW MORE OF THOSE BLESSED SECONDS IN YOUR LIFE TO STOP AND REFLECT AND REMEMBER THOSE WHO DIED ON THIS MOST HORRIFIC DAY IN AMERICAN HISTORY—“9/11”! TAKE PAUSE! Have a grateful day!


Today’s Menu:

Shrimp Po-Boys
Alice’s Creamy Cole Slaw


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