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June 13, 2013

Good Morning Foodies! It is time to pay homage to all those men who stand up and take on the “FATHER” roles. I always like to think that, “A FATHER IS A DAUGHTER’S FIRST LOVE AND A SON’S FIRST HERO!” My most favorite saying is, “A FATHER IS SOMEONE YOU LOOK UP TO NO MATTER HOW TALL YOU GROW!” Just like I said on Mothers’ Day, you do not have to actually be a biological parent, to step in to take on the role of FATHER OR MOTHER! So, if you are someone who is not a biological father, you can step into many arenas and take on that role. There are many, many children out there without parents. They would give anything to look up to someone, with dreams in their heads, that there is someone who loves them, for who they are, no matter what! My HUBBY is a very deserving of his rewards as a great FATHER AND GRANDFATHER—my son, and son-in-laws, also get great marks for their young achievements in the role of FATHERS! Today is a very special day to me—TODAY WOULD HAVE BEEN MY DAD’S “96TH” BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DADDY AND A MOST WONDERFUL FATHER’S DAY! I KNOW TO THE WORLD YOU ARE JUST ONE PERSON BUT TO ME YOU ARE THE WORLD! So to all you men out there, who reach out, set great examples in how to be a loving but firm, honest and fair, and most of all, HAVING A GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR— have a most wonderful, FATHERS’ DAY!!!!!!!!!!! There will be no posting next week—KITCHEN WILL BE CLOSED—GOING ON A TRIP!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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