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Today’s Menu:

Alice’s Osso Buco

Lemony Fried Asparagus

Good Morning Foodies! My Goodness—What happened to my Saints? Bummer loss!!! Oh well, I am not going to dwell on the loss and try to enjoy the rest of the playoffs. There are really some great teams in there. This week is special in our household. HUBBY is celebrating his birthday on January 15th. He shares this date with MARTIN LUTHER KING! I don’t know if you remember but last year, I told you that HUBBY was born on MLK’S day and MLK died on my birthday! Creepy, yes!

I want to yell out to my neighbor and friend, CARLA SCHULTZ. She accomplished her half marathon in honor of her late husband! JOB WELL DONE—WEAR THAT MEDAL PROUDLY!! She also had great support from her running buddies, her daughter, Meghan and her trainer, Cindy Gates! VERY PROUD OF YOU ALL!

This week’s menu is geared around some of HUBBY’S FAVORITES! I think some of you men out there will also enjoy these! Have a great day!

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