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Good Morning Foodies! Did I mention to you that I get seasick! So to avoid ruining the trip for everyone, I have all bases covered to keep me from getting green. I wear the patch behind the ear, the pulsing wrist bands and take the medication, “ANTIVERT”! Don’t know which one works but I have them all on and it keeps me afloat! I tried to get into shape and look like I did “20” years ago but the battle was not successful. I placed a note on my refrigerator that read: “DEAR DIET: IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU. I JUST DON’T THINK IT’S GOING TO WORK BETWEEN US. YOU ARE BORING, TASTELESS AND I CAN’T STOP CHEATING ON YOU!” There I showed you! I am going to keep my head held high (that keeps the wrinkles from showing, also) and enjoy the “WINE AND FRIENDS”—I STILL THINK THE OLDER THE BETTER,—THAT FITS BOTH OF THOSE TERMS! I can remember my grandmother telling me, “IF YOU LAUGH A LOT, WHEN YOU GET OLDER, YOUR WRINKLES WILL BE IN THE RIGHT PLACES!” I have always loved that saying. Remember I will not be posting until September 9th. Stay safe and enjoy all the festivities that come at this time of year. I know that I will think of you each day and know that I like you guys so much I will think of you again the next day! Have a great two weeks until I get back. I will send pics of the adventures. Look out for them!

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