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Good Morning Foodies! I think finally the cold weather has finally gone away and now it is time to get down to the yard and garden. I really can tell my garden is behind due to OLD MAN WINTER, but maybe the crop will last longer—WISHFUL THINKING!!!

I was talking to one of those professional yard people about certain plants, etc. and asked how long it would take to do a certain project. This PROFESSIONAL said, “Well, in MAN HOURS, that project will take about two days!” I thought about that word, “MAN HOURS”, you know that is a good term because if it was called “WOMAN HOURS”, it would be done in 30 minutes or less—JUST SAYING!!!

I know some of you FOODIES out there like to have those KENTUCKY DERBY PARTIES! I have been to a few and they are so much fun. Great time to put on those FABULOUS HATS and sip those DELICIOUS MINT JULEPS !!!!! Even though CINCO DE MAYO is not officially until Monday-I am sure there will be a few MARGARITAS being consumed. No matter what you do, be sensible, if possible!

Anyway, this is the time of year, that we give new life to all things that surround us. You know it makes you feel good and alive. It is most important to remember this: “IT IS NOT THE HOME THAT YOU SHOULD LOVE SO MUCH BUT THE LIFE THAT IS LIVED IN THAT HOME!”

Have a great and productive weekend! Plenty of things to do out there and also remember there is an election this weekend in certain areas!

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