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Today’s Menu:Alice’s Easy Oven Fried Chicken

Hot German Potato Salad

Good Morning Foodies! I hope all of you had a very productive, safe and fun-filled MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! Our family had two joyous events over the weekend. One of the GRAND PEEPS, TYLER ALICE MORROW had her eighth grade ceremony at THE SACRED HEART ACADEMY IN GRAND COTEAU, LA and my daughter, CHARLOTTE GRACE and her hubby, AL MOREAU, celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary.

The community of Opelousas and surrounding areas, lost a dear soul, this past week, STEPHEN SEBASTIEN. I have known, this young man and his family, since I have been in Opelousas for over 40 years. Stephen was a great friend to my children and many others. As time passed, he became my friend, instead of a kid, that just hung out at my home.
If you knew this person, then you were blessed. I don’t know one bad thing that has ever been said about his character. He was what you would call a true friend with no necessary attachments. I always thought of Stephen as one of my children. I know I have this big hole in my heart, so I can only imagine, how the Sebastien family must feel.
If I close my eyes, I can see his big grin, hear his jolly laughter and feel his warm hug. Some of life’s greatest treasures are just the little thing that people bring to the table.
FRIENDSHIP is a PROMISE made in the HEARTS—unbreakable by DISTANCE—unchangeable by TIME!
As most of you know, Stephen was a most creative genius. Just recently, he had put his whole heart and soul, into many artistic creations. This past MOTHER’S DAY, I was out of town and when I returned I found something sitting by my front door. Stephen had made this most beautiful gift for me and told me that he thought of me that day. Needless to say, it made me cry. Little did I know, how important, that little gift will mean to me, from now until eternity.
If there is one thing, I think we can all take away from losing this most gifted, loving, sincere person is to “CELEBRATE LIFE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE TO DO SO!”
To close this out, I found some very comforting words that I would like to pass on to the SEBASTIEN FAMILY!
“And if I should go before you
Know that part of me still remains…
You will not see me, yet I will
Be there walking beside you…
You will not touch me,
Yet I will live in your heart and memory always,
Have faith that we will one day walk
Hand in hand in eternity…
Until then, live your life for life is good…
And know that I am always with you!”
Have a most wonderful day—Hug your loved ones and tell them how important they are to you!

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