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Good Morning Foodies! We had the most fabulous time this past weekend with the whole Morrow clan. Even though some were missing, we still had about 75 attending. We got to honor the couple married 50 years (Bob and Margaret), all the June birthdays and the gender of GRAND PEEP #9 was revealed. For those of you who missed it, WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER GIRL—her name will be GABRIELLE ALICE LOPEZ. She is due around Thanksgiving. We got to visit with our long-lost nephew, Darrell and his sweet family. He had some of his old friends attend. See we made new friends—THAT IS HOW LIFE SHOULD BE—ALWAYS ADD FRIENDS TO YOUR LIST!! We counted our many blessings yesterday. We were very lucky to have RAY BELLOW prepare the whole meal and all we had to do was cover appetizers and desserts. I have become wiser in my old age!! No sense in killing yourself trying to do it all. Then, you do not get to enjoy any of the festivities because you are too busy or too pooped! No shame in asking those who have talents to assist you when need be! Life is too short to not enjoy the party! When you look at your calendar, you can see what the big day is that is approaching! Yes, the infamous, “FATHER’S DAY—SUNDAY, JUNE 15TH”!
The menus this week will be geared toward some of those dishes that all men seem to love. You know just put them in front of a grill, maybe an ice chest, and a nice cool dessert and they are in “HOG’S HEAVEN”!
In my house, I have to plan the menu, buy the groceries, prep the meal, and give instructions of what “HE” needs to do—-PRETTY MUCH LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME! You know you have to make them feel important and like it was all their idea and doing. Don’t know about your household, but if I wait for HUBBY (OR MALES, IN GENERAL), to make a decision—they are going to be like those FLAT SQUIRRELS in the street—THOSE LITTLE BOOGERS WAITED TOO LONG TO MAKE A DECISION—SPLAT!!!!!!!!!!!
Let the celebrations begin! Have a great day!
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