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Today’s Menu:

Spinach-Phyllo Triangles or Spanikopitas

Caprese Skewers

Maw-Maw’s Divinity Fudge & Microwaved Divinity Fudge

Good Morning Foodies: This past weekend was one that was packed full of events and activities. I hope you got to do some fun things and your candidates won! The luncheon at the Academy of the Sacred Heart on Saturday morning was fabulous. Loved that they let the students do the modeling. Nice touch! You should put it on your bucket list to attend one of these food fests at the CHRISTMAS AT COTEAU! My daughter-in-law, NICOLE, was one of the chairpersons. It is a lot of work but totally fulfilling. They did an awesome job. So looking forward to not seeing any more POLITICAL ADS and replacing them with all the upcoming FOOTBALL BOWLS! BRING IT ON!!!
One of the items in today’s menu is a most BEAUTIFUL AND EDIBLE ONE! My friend, Margret Edwards, brought this fabulous dish to an engagement party. It was so stunning you didn’t want to eat it but you had to jump in and get a bite of it. Check it out! You will be a hit of any party if you make these CAPRESE SKEWERS!
These next two weeks I will try to provide recipes that will help you with the upcoming holidays of CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR’S DAY!!! DON’T FORGET TODAY IS A HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION!
Have a great day!




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