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Today’s Menu:

Zesty Corn and Tamale Cakes

Sloppy Jose’

Strawberry Frozen Margarita

Good Morning Foodies! I will not try and confuse you but I am not doing REPEAT WEDNESDAY TODAY but will do it tomorrow. I felt like I needed to give you FOODIES at least one day of recipes. I am hoping today’s menu will give you a head start on next Monday’s CINCO DE MAYO celebration. You won’t be wrong by planning ahead.

This past weekend we attended a very nice wedding in New Orleans. Saw some old friends who live far away and met some new friends who live far away. I must say when I see some of the older generation, I love to sit and talk with them. They give me such inspiration to make the most of life. I was talking to this elderly gentlemen and I listened very closely to his life stories but you know what his best words were—–“YOU CANNOT BE OLD AND WISE IF YOU WERE NEVER YOUNG AND CRAZY!” Don’t you just love that! So I am wondering if I am too late to be YOUNG AND CRAZY so I can be OLD AND WISE! I think we all need to work on that!

Have a great day!

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