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Today’s Menu:

Falcon’s Fabulous Corned Beef

Southern Mustard Greens

Mr. Pita Rabbit

Good Morning Foodies! I have never quite figured out this crazy day of APRIL FOOL’S DAY! Who came up with that! I do know it is one of those dates that no one wants to get married on, have a baby on or have any significant event fall on that date! WHO THINKS UP STUFF LIKE THAT! I hope you will enjoy today’s menu. My dear friends, THE FALCONS, gave me this recipe for CORNED BEEF! They do make the best I have ever had. Any chance I get to have them cook it for us, we are so lucky. It is one of those dishes that just get better and better. The little Easter recipe is something that is fun and easy that the PEEPS can do. Have a great day!

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