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Today’s Menu:

Grilled Lamb Kebobs

Asparagus Rice

Homemade KitKat Bars

Good Morning Foodies: Today’s menu is one of my summer and holiday gathering favorites. Kids and adults both love the easy and fabulous dessert.

Today’s gadget from E’s Kitchen in Lafayette is the: SHUN CLASSIC 5.5” SANTOKU AND 3.5” PARING KNIVES.

The SHUN CLASSIC line offers tasteful, contemporary designs with beautiful Damascus-clad blades and D-shaped ebony PakkaWood handles. These good-looking knives offer the ultimate in performance as well. The razor-sharp edge cuts with elegant efficiency. Each knife handles with clean precision. The cutting core of VG10 stainless steel is hard and sharp with unmatched edge retention. The Damascus supports the harder core and adds stain and corrosion resistance. The Shun Classic line offers the widest traditional blade shapes and new designs, so that you can always find the right knife for the right task.

These two knives featured are a great starter set for any cook!!!

It is not until, you have really good knives, do you realize, how you struggle to trim, cut, slice, etc. with inferior blades.

I love and cherish each quality knife I have. I dare anyone touch them!!!!

Start your collection!!!

Have a great day!

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