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As we start off this wonderful autumn month, I will start to concentrate on menus that reflect our great “YAM” or as some people say, “SWEET TATERS”.
Honestly, before I moved to Opelousas, I never really ate yams and for a while I refused to even try them. I would try the pecan/praline crusted yam casserole dish, but we all know why that happens. Eventually, I tried it with my gumbo and loved it. I now no longer use rice in my gumbo. I substitute the yam pulp into my bowl. I think it is so much better because it adds such a nice thickness and sweetness to the gumbo. Anyway, I am sold on the yams.
I am always trying to find new dishes for them. I hope you will enjoy these upcoming menus for the month of October. If you have any new ideas out there, please share.

Toward the end of the month, I will feature some HALLOWEEN GOODIES, for the kiddies and adults, as well.

A heads up to all you FOODIES out there—THINK PINK MONTH—BE ACTIVE IN HELPING WITH THE CURE FOR BREAST CANCER! I know we have all lost someone near and dear to our hearts from this horrible disease. We need to be proactive and take care of ourselves. There are so many ways for us to be aware of this disease. Don’t turn your head and be afraid. Face it head- on! Who knows it may be your own life you save—YOU ALL ARE PRECIOUS TO ME!
As I said before, these upcoming holidays, cooler weather, stretchy clothes, belly-warming foods, family and friends are the only things I need and love the most! I always try to remember, “EXPECT NOTHING, BUT APPRECIATE EVERYTHING”! My TIGERS AND SAINTS, TEACH ME THAT EVERY WEEKEND!

Have a safe and most productive weekend and ENJOY THIS COLD FRONT COMING IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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