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Today I am sharing a most precious Product! It is called “ STORYWORTH “! Enjoy !

Today I am sharing with you a most loving PRODUCT! It is called “STORYWORTH”. For FATHER’S DAY, our daughter, CELESTE, gave her father this gift. It is an “APP” and when you sign up, every week for one year, you are presented a question about your life/family, etc. HUBBY and I both worked on this project together. I would tackle the question first, he would add, and then we would send it in. At the end of one year, you are presented with a book with all the questions. We both hated to see the year end. The questions made us think of things that we did, things that happened, things we want to happen, etc. When the book was completed, we gave each PEEP and GRAND PEEP a copy of the book. HUBBY and I both felt the book represented our love, values, ideas, etc. and hopefully, for future generations that we may not get to see, will have an idea of who and what we were. Trust me you will love doing this project! You will also see yourself sharing this idea with those you admire and love. It is the most fantastic way to share your love of life and family!
STORYWORTH books are designed to last for generations to come. Stories that look great now will age gracefully over time to honor all the stories within. EVERYONE has a story worth sharing. Here is your chance to preserve meaningful moments and memories in a beautiful keepsake book. You will share the experience with loved ones and discover stories you never knew!
GOOGLE—“STORYWORTH”! You won’t regret it!

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